Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Craziest Hike Day Ever ...

Well, today started out grandly, with brunch at a Pub with my Parents and my Sister ... and then ... it got a little crazy.

We met friends of ours at the city's edge to trek out to K-Country for some hiking fun. We all piled into Blaine's jeep, and on the drive out to Kananaskis, drove through crazy rain and hail ... yup ... I could feel the hail pounding through the roof of the jeep when I put my hand against it.

When we arrived in K-Country, it was no longer hailing, but the clouds did still look rather ominous. We decided to go ahead and begin our hike, and traversed through rain, thunder and lightning, we were soaking wet, tired, and slipping and sliding on mud ... it was fabulous (check the picture of my feet - got a WEE bit muddy).

We hiked along the Barrier Dam, which is described here - kind of interesting.

We ended the day with dinner at a pub in Canmore, which was great until Blaine, Brie and I ALL found hair in our food (YUCK). The pub was pretty good about it and gave us a 20% discount off the entire bill. Otherwise (heh heh), the food was pretty good.

All in all, a pretty good day ... can't complain. Good food, good company, and an adventure in nature.

When I got home, I was skimming through, and came accross a post that hilighted another Canadian Law online forum - (which I added to my links section). I'll have to go through that one when I have more time, should be interesting.

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