Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kicks and Krisps

My favourite healthy snack ... fake hummus.

1 pack silken tofu.
1 can chickpeas.
lemon juice

A trick I learned AFTER the first few times I made it - BLEND THE TOFU FIRST, then add in the chickpeas bit by bit.

I just made my treat, but didn't have any lemon juice (cr@p), and didn't have real garlic - only garlic powder. Oh well ... it still satisfies the snack craving. I found Kashi crackers a few weeks ago, and can't get enough of those suckers ... I'm addicted. Check them out. Even my sis-in-law is addicted ... we came to our addictions separately too.

Anyway, no law school news today. BUT ... I did play soccer tonight ... my team won, and I believe the score was 4-11 (game ended b/c of a mercy rule). It was super fun.

I was no Beckham tonight though. No Beckham at all.


Anonymous said...

Hey it's Julie.

That picture of you in your profile is sooo good. How come I haven't seen it before?

P.s. Where are the Jason Lee blogs? All the rest of these are boring!

Lisa Hutch said...

That pic is in the Honeymoon Set ... it's me waiting in the Sacramento airport for our flight to Houston (when you guys dropped us off in the mad dash). I believe it was a token and shameless wedding ring shot.

If I find any Jason Lee blogs, you know I'll put them in the links section.

DarrellH said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm enjoying your blog. I got here from The Greatest Blog Experiment, which I'm part of too.

Keep up the good writing!