Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So ... there's a Weasel at My JOB!

There's this one guy at work - you all know the guy. He was hired for one task, hasn't yet completed it, but has been there the shortest time and is already NAME DROPPING the higher management's names to us. He's wormed his way into various tasks for the management, and has picked the brains of many a co-worker (myself included), and passed the work off as his own.

Now ... I know that people like this exist everywhere - but I raise the point becuase two of my colleagues were reminded of two books by this guy.

The first, Gormenghast Novels by Mervyn Peake. Apparently, also a movie series. Chapters.ca says the following:

"You love reading adventures that place you inside a medieval castle—alone. You thrive on stories set in stone-cold corridors, dark secret tunnels and lonely turrets. You long to discover what horrors lie beyond massive wooden doors with impenetrable iron hinges, bolts and latches. The fiction doctor says face it - your appetite is insatiable for a good gothic mystery! You`ll go wild for goth with The Gormenghast Novels, a sensational volume that features Mervyn Peake`s landmark classics Titus Groan, Titus Alone and Gormenghast."

I can't just remember the second book right now, but it has to do with Weasel's in the Workplace.

I MUST read these - and I challenge anyone with a weasel at their workplace to look into them as well!

Here's to eliminating all weasels ... perhaps this is good incentive for me to look more seriously into the Intellectual Property law that I've been thinking about. I am OUTRAGED when people pass off the ideas of other's as their own. GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! I think that having the compsci background would help in this arena as well ... hmmm ... food for thought.


Eru said...

Whoa, stand back for the Weasel war path blazer! By the way, imagine my stunned suprise to see a certain blog link nestled nicely in the siderbar of a certain blogger?

I'm certainly well stoked for all anonymous parites involved, what a lovely gesture indeed.

Lisa Hutch said...

Tee hee re: blog link.

You don't understand how much Random Thought # 17 has helped with the Weasel situation! I've shared with many a co-worker!