Sunday, July 16, 2006

Only Two More Days and Two More Nights Ever!

Is it bad that I'm starting the countdown now? Only two more days and two more nights of on-call ... my last rotation before my last day of work.

Thinking about that, that little milestone, makes the reality of school seem closer than ever. It's getting a little scary ... and exciting.

We're setting down a budget now - it's all so official!

On another note - I hate to admit it, I can't deny ... I am ADDICTED to Big Brother. I have been a faithful follower from the beginning. While I didn't catch Season 6 (it was, after all, the summer that I got married ... I was a busy girl), I am ALL OVER Season 7. It's not summer until BB starts ... and with me having most of August off of work (besides my week vacation) ... I'm going to set up camp infront of the TV for that one hour, three times a week. I can't explain the siren of this show, but I just love it!

I LOVE that Allison was kicked out first - that girl needs to STOP competing on Reality TV shows! BUT ... I'm sure that she would have made for some good controversy.

I think I'm going to keep a running tally in my sidebar of all those cast away ... as they're voted off. I LOVE IT!


galarza said...

i LOVE big brother, but didnt know it started yet. i've missed a couple of episodes already.

Lisa Hutch said...

You haven't missed that much yet - REALLY, one episode a week is enough to stay on top - I'd choose Sunday.

BUT ... it's all so enjoyable!