Monday, March 31, 2008

Sad But Happy Too - I'm a Contradiction

This weekend the siblings were here. My two sisters and my brother came from Calgary for a visit. It was amazingly awesome. Now ... I'm sad that they're gone. There were 8 of us here in our little house, so now their absence makes my house seem like a mansion. Sigh. So sad.

BUT ... when I take a look at my list of what's left to do ... it is shrinking, and that makes me happy.

I've finished my minor paper, and so now all I have left is to:
  • Finish Natural Resources major paper (I have a good start on this one, and I know exactly what I'm going to say ... so shouldn't be too bad to just crank it out).
  • Deliver Natural Resources presentation on Thursday (I'm a little nervous about this one, since it's about a 25 minute presentation with questions from the prof).
  • Write Professional Responsibility Exam - 1 week from today!
  • Write Oil & Gas Final Exam - 24 hour take home test that I can write at anytime during the exam period.
I'm on track, and getting excited about being done. I can't believe that my summer is right around the corner. This year went by REALLY fast. I also can't believe that it's my LAST real summer as a law student ... next year I'll have graduated, and it'll be nothing but serious business for this cowgirl.

Anyway - back to hammering out the major paper.

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