Friday, March 21, 2008

I Never Realized ...

... how powerful it is to have people around you to experience the same things that you are. Writing a Tax final exam on March 22nd, when a lot of my 'peeps' aren't having to worry about such things ... it's dreadful. I hate it. I just want to go enjoy the weekend ... but alas ... I'm chained to my desk.

At least it's foggy here today ... although ... I love the fog. So romantic/mysterious.

I'll be done one of my courses in T-23 hours (earlier if I don't take the full amount of time - which has never happened for me in a law exam).

23 hours ... until ... perhaps partaking in a beer somewhere ... maybe a movie? Haven't been to a movie in months. Anything good playing? Yup ... trying not to think about tax for a few seconds.

Well ... that was fun. Back to the ITA.

As a fun tax trivia point ... just before I go ... did you know that, generally, where you reside on the last day of the tax year decides where you pay provincial tax (there's a few more ins and outs, though, which look at where different types of income were earned for different provinces)?

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