Saturday, March 22, 2008

One Down - Four to Go

Problem is, I don't feel like I wrote an exam this AM. Don't know if that bodes well or not. Yikes.

It was a long un'. Didn't have time to answer everything sufficiently. Hope EVERYONE felt that way, and the curve will embrace me lovingly. Sigh.

Good news, though, is that one class is officially done.

Now ... for the rest of the weekend, my plan is to ... write papers (you and I both were hoping for something more exciting). I'm hoping to crank out some quality verbiage. After my beer buzz wears off, of course. Well ... we had to go for beer after the test ... that's just what you do. It was a TAX exam. I wrote the Tax I exam, and all the peeps that wrote the Tax II exam were writing with us ... so there was a great group that was heading over to Louis' ... how could I resist?

I know, I know. It's crunch time. All right! No more Louis' extravaganza's until I've at least cranked out 1 paper. Deal.

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