Tuesday, April 01, 2008

While Word Takes a Break ...

... my version of Word likes to tune out for a while, every once in a while. Even more of an incentive to go ahead and download the Ultimate Steal ... but that is not on my TO DO list until school is done, so it will have to wait. SO ... while I'm waiting for Word to come back to me, I thought I'd check in here.

Since re-reading my last post, it really has hit me. I'm 2 weeks away from officially being a 3L (assuming that I pass all of my courses sufficiently ... eeee!). I CAN NOT BELIEVE how fast time has gone. You'd think the opposite maybe, considering the time away from the hubby, the gong-show of a house purchase, and all the other things in between ... but ... I'm honestly floored by the fact that I'm motoring along this law school path so quickly.

I'm actually looking forward to next year ... being able to wrap up a few classes that I really want to take (Intellectual Property, Administrative Law, Employment and Labour Law, Civil Procedure ... etc.), taking on the LSA Publicity Director position with a vengeance, and having a full year of (hopefully) administrative peace and calm in our glossy and bright new building. Hopefully, no more strikes plague us, and we'll have the time and freedom to really do it up next year.

Did I mention that I got a new coffee maker? It's been a real joy, let me tell you. I think I'm ALMOST in love with it. It's an Oster one that we bought at Costco for about $40. Makes me so happy to be able to program it to have coffee ready for me when I wake up ... kinda like having a butler ... a svelte, stainless steel butler. My previous coffee maker was one of those tiny single serving kind of ones, but I'd lost a few pieces, and it was really battle weary. My favourite feature is that there's a water filter in there, working it's water filter magic to make sure that coffee tastes good. Mmmmmm.

Aurgh. Just got sick of waiting for Word. Just ordered the Ultimate Steal ... so waiting for my new version of Word to download. Sigh. And just when I actually want to work on my paper ... wouldn't you know it.

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