Monday, March 17, 2008

So ... I find Myself ...

... heading for the busy period.

One of the goals of this blog was to document what law school is "really" like. This semester, law school has been a bit of a treat. With two seminars (which at the U of S are classes where we write papers instead of tests), my class time has been much less than usual, and it's been a different kind of thinking for me. Also - my tax class was accelerated, due to a prof that is now on leave, and so my tax classes finished in February.

This means that since the beginning of March, I've had one class a day (mind you, they're 1 1/2 - 2 hour classes), except Mondays where I have a 1 1/2 hour class and a 3 hour evening class. I've been using my time to stay ahead with my readings, to work on various extra-curriculars (volunteering, LSA website, etc.), on one paper that I've already handed in, and to make sure that my job application materials are up to snuff for the blitz of articling applications that are going to be happening in May (had an appointment with our Career Services Officer, which was awesome and totally recommended).

So ... now that it is March 17th (Happy St. Patrick's Day!), I realize that I have the following left on my plate:

  • Group Presentation today at 2:00 in Professional Responsibility (the prep for this is done, the run through is going on this AM, so I'm in good shape for this - DID I MENTION that I did it all in Flash? With MORPHING? Yeah ... it pretty much rocks).
  • 10 Page paper re: above ProRes presentation (have not started yet, but shouldn't be hard to crank out since I've sorted through this material a few times now)
  • Tax final exam Saturday March 22 (haven't begun to prepare yet, but I stayed up to date with readings ... this week will be preparation week)
  • Minor paper for Gender and the Law - 15 pages - Due April 1st (haven't started this yet, or picked a topic, but am aiming to have a topic picked by tomorrow - have talked to prof about this, and have a few directions to look in, so it's not a stab in the dark ... just a squint into dimness)
  • Major paper for Natural Resources - 35 - 50 pages - Due April 3rd (have outline done, have done much thinking about, just need to begin to REALLY hammer it out, expect to begin this week, and finish next week after tax final)
  • Long Presentation of major paper topic for Natural Resources - 30 minutes - April 3rd (should be no problem)
  • Professional Responsibility final exam - April 7th
  • Oil & Gas Final - 24 hour take home final exam to be completed anytime over the exam period - I'm hoping to do it either April 10th or 11th ... but we'll see what kind of shape I'm in.
So ... 2 presentations, 3 papers, and 3 final exams until freedom for the summer.


Interesting thing, though. I'm not stressed yet. I think this is more than doable.

Tip to anyone doing seminars in the future - stay away from reading people's facebook status lines that say how many pages of their major papers they've completed - this can induce meltdowns until a reality check is performed.

Should be interesting in any case. Must be organized (especially as I have a few fun events coming up soon ... more on those as they transpire).

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