Monday, March 24, 2008

Tip of the Day

If you're considering law school, and haven't yet committed to an undergraduate program, take something that will teach you how to write.

While computer science gave me the logic chutzpah to ace the LSAT, I'm floundering in paper-ville right now, as technical writing isn't exactly what I've found useful here in law.

GAH! I know it'll click soon ... I can feel the brain cogs almost aligning ... almost ... there.


Benjamin Quinn said...

I've been reading Legal Writing in Plain English by Bryan Garner (at the recommendation of Being a 0L I can't attest to its utility within the law school context, but its the best-written style guide I've read. Maybe worthwhile?

Lisa Hutch said...

Thanks for the find - I'll definitely have to take a look.

Problem is ... I'm writing papers right now that aren't in legal writing style (as opposed to say, a memo or a factum). They're more the arts-type of papers that people would generally find in undergrad (from what I've been told). BUT ... since we are analyzing legal subject matter ... I'll take any help I can get!!!

PS - I love the 0L reference - made me giggle.

LR :) said...

ugh ugh ugh, I'm dying this week, only 32 pages to go...

Law papers = :(

Anonymous said...

Amen sister. I'm an ex IT lad who went back to school and completed a political science degree. Every course required at least one 15-25 page term paper. When I start at Osgoode in '08 I'll be sufficiently prepared.