Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Don't Know How These Weeks Go By So Fast

... well, I guess I do. It's been busy.

The weekend was the Jessup gala party, which was pretty fancy and pretty neat.

Monday was evening class, Tuesday was my polygamy discussion in Gender (where I had to lead discussion for half the class) and my FIL came to stay. He and Jason are working on our basement, so it's been great having him here. Today I've got class and a bunch of meetings.

Also - nominations for the LSA elections next week are in. I'm the only contender for Publicity Director which, of course, means I'm in (will be officially declared next week). Awesome. I even had some sweet posters planned, but now I'll hug a tree and not worry about it.

BUT - just so my work was worth something ... check it out:

Anyway, better posts are coming when I'm a teensy bit less hectic - I swear!

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Jimmy Mack said...

That is an amazing poster. I had decided that even if I got in by acclaimation I was still going to campaign, but I would be a total nut about it. Things like "I will put us on the moon in 09" and maybe do a speech about the Hamburgler.

Now I have to be quasi serious and actually run a campaign against KC... sigh, could've been swell.