Thursday, March 06, 2008

So ... I'm Running For Office

LSA Office, that is. I'm going to run for the LSA Publicity Director position, which has just been amended to include the Web Admin responsibilities that I've had on my plate for the last school year. This way, I'd ACTUALLY be part of the LSA, and would feel a lot better about taking a few liberties with the website (and would be able to work on it over the summer).

So ... I'm trying to design posters for my "campaign". AHAHAHAHA. I feel SO SUPER CHEESY, which actually makes it pretty fun. I'm going to let the cheese flow like Velveeta! Hopefully people GET the cheese factor when they see them ... oh well ... even if they don't ... the result should still be funny.

Did my Jessup volunteering this morning. We're so lucky that the Jessup is being held in Saskatoon this year, volunteering for a moot like this is such an AMAZING way to be involved without having to commit to being on the team. I can't BELIEVE what a well-oiled machine that Jessup organizational team is. They've really got it down to a science, and they're all so nice, even while dealing with minor emergencies. I believe that they DON'T GET PAID to organize this all, and with the amount of work they put in, I find that to be a STAGGERING FACT.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the Jessup as it unfolds over the next few days. Will keep everyone posted (plan on wearing my NY shoes for the first time tomorrow - EXCITING).

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