Tuesday, January 09, 2007

So ... About Easing Into Term Two

Apparently, that doesn't happen in law school. My first written argument is due on Monday, my moot is a week from then, and I already feel like I'm behind in my readings (even though, technically, I'm ahead in more classes than not .... just FEELS like I'm swimming just to keep my head above water).

On the fun side (yikes, what has my life come to if this is the fun) ... I signed up for the CBA's How to Get a Job Workshop which runs on January 15th for a half day. I'm going to have to miss a Contracts class for it, but they have a panel of lawyers give you a mock interview, they critique your resume, and they do a whole info session on getting summer jobs/articling jobs etc. I think it's value should overide my guilt at missing a contracts class. Thanks to my CBA student membership, the workshop is free (woo hoo).

Anyhow, I'm so busy even writing this is making me feel guilty ... more later!

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