Friday, January 12, 2007

The Drama is Over, But Not the Cold

Yup ... it was so cold today, but it was bright and sunny, and all the snow sparkled.

I found out my Constitutional Final mark today, and it was pretty good (not SUPER great, but more than where I thought I'd end up).

I don't know how it relates into a letter grade yet, hopefully I'll figure that one out soon.

Work on my Oral Argument Summary is going along swimmingly, I wanted to get it finished up tonight, but I think I'll have some residual work to do on the weekend while I'm at home. Oh well. I already have plans for brunch, sushi, and skating (although Jason doesn't know about the skating yet).

I got the "Best Moots" video out from on reserve at the law library, and some peeps are coming over tonight to watch it with me. Yup ... law nerds ... Friday night what are we up to? Watching moots from last year. I think it should help out a bit with the oral summary, and give us SOME indication of what we'll be dealing with in a week or two.

I guess I better go make myself/my place look presentable before people start getting here.

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