Sunday, January 28, 2007

Le Sigh. Not Depressed at Home

Well, I flew into Calgary yesterday morning, super early as always. I arrived to some houseguests (yay Brother-in-Law and his friend), and we did a sideways version of the money breakfast (no bacon, but hashbrowns, eggs and toast). They went skiing, while Jason and I went back to bed and slept till almost noon. Ahh ... it was glorious ... I haven't slept like that in awhile. It was the kind of sleep where you feel almost drugged when you wake up, can't tell who you are, or where you're at. I think it was a long week for both of us.

Last night we had 6 people over, and made a big lasagna dinner for everyone. There was garlic, wine, beer, and rum. Who could ask for anything more, really.

Today it was another sleep in (ah ... luxury). A little bit of WOW, and dinner at my Parents house - Jason and I are bringing a left-over lasanga.

I opted to stay for an extra day this weekend, so tomorrow I'm going to work on my Pro-Bono project while Jason is at work (and ... yup, probably sleep in again). Jason's cousin comes in tomorrow, so we'll probably hit some kind of fun pub.

Sigh. I love being home. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Saskatoon better get ready though, I'm back on Tuesday morning. With a vengeance? Maybe. Depends ...

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