Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Back With a Vengeance

Sort of. I flew in yesterday morning with just enough time to be half an hour late for my Torts class. Oops. The snow etc. didn't help my quick commute from airport to classroom, there was some furious scraping and brushing. While I was de-icing my car (I've decided to use airplane lingo from now on when talking about my car, it's just a little bit cooler), a Grandpa pulled up behind me and waited for my spot. Now, I'm all about perseverance and hard work paying off and all that, but MAN ... de-icing under pressure ... I think I prematurely evacuated my parking spot ... as I was driving out of the parking lot I started to think that I needed to get my eyes checked ... either that or there was still a bit of a fog on my windshield.

Anyway, made it back, and spent a long day in classes yesterday. I'm caught up with my Torts reading, my Criminal reading, and that's about it. I'm almost caught up with the rest, but this taking a long weekend thing has kind of put me behind a little.

I found out that I'm responsible for some property reading tomorrow, so today I have to get on that, prepare for my Contracts tutorial, and try and finish setting up meetings with Profs for reference letters (so I can transfer - hopefully - to U of C next year and actually live in the same city as my Husband), and finally, compile a bit more of my Pro Bono project.

Yup - busy week's worth of work crammed into three days.

But ... I do work best under pressure.

My Mom and my Sis are back from Cuba - I have to talk to those two as well, and get the lowdown on their trip.


Better get at 'er.

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