Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back in Saskatoon

I flew in yesterday morning, it was a little windy getting into Saskatoon, but it wasn't too bad for turbulence (luckily). Funny thing happened at the airport, though. First of all, I actually checked some luggage, as there were a few things that I wanted to bring back to Saskatoon (including some awesome Christmas prezzies), which necessitated more baggage than usual. One thing you have to know is that I have some super distinctive luggage:
I was using the large suitcase and the carry-on sized suitcase, and both had been checked. I rolled my eyes at having to wait for the luggage to come out on the luggage carousel (I'm so used to just motoring it after landing, I never check luggage). I was waiting at the end of the carousel, and when I saw my first bag come out, I watched another girl pick it up, and roll away with it. I remember thinking "Weird, I can't believe someone has the same luggage as me ... I hope she took the right one."

I got my large suitcase, and when my small suitcase came around, I pulled it down, realized that it seemed lighter, and saw a nametag on it. My luggage wasn't labeled. Luckily, there was a phone number on the tag, and luckily it was a cell-phone, so I phoned it right away, and the girl who answered had her cab turn around to make the suitcase exchange. I realized right then and there how important it is to label your suitcase with a phone number.

I did end up having a class yesterday, luckily I was at school working on my Pro Bono project, so I was able to attend. It was basically an explanation of how our moots are going to work. My moot is on Jan. 22 (yikes).

Today it was so hard to get out of bed, I can't even describe it. Tomorrow's not looking too good either, as it's late, and I can't quite get to sleep yet. Tomorrow, after our last class, we get our exams back.


We had our first Charter themed Constitutional class today - I think I'm really going to like it - it seems like just about as much of "Lisa's Cup of Tea" as you could possibly get.


I'm going to try and sleep now.

I chopped up veggies tonight to try the corn chowder recipe in my new vegetarian slow-cooker cookbook that my Mom-in-Law gave me! Sooo excited. The Christmas haul was a good one this year, today I used my mango and grapefruit body butter from my sister, my new scarf from my parents, I wore my necklace from my Dad-in-Law, used my hand-lotion from my Sister (and the chapstick), my Starbucks giftcard from my Brother-in-Law, my Tic-Tacs from my stocking ... it goes on and on my list. I'm so spoiled! Right now, I'm even wearing the PJ's that my Mom gave me!


Ashley said...

Where did you get that luggage? I saw someone with it recently and I LOVE it but can't figure out who sells it! Can you help me?

Lisa Hutch said...

I got it 4 years ago at a Bentley bags store, or J.B. Bags, or something. It's GASOLINE brand, if you do a google search for GASOLINE luggage, you can find some funky ones, but the one I've got is kinda old ...