Monday, June 25, 2007

Beautiful Fairmont

Spent the weekend at Jason's work's Family Fairmont trip. We stayed at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, where we had a fabulous time. The staff were accommodating, and the people at Jason's company really put together an amazing weekend of organized goodness. Unfortch, the batteries in my camera died, so I have no pics to share.

Friday, we arrived to a cocktail reception in the lounge, there were people in the hot springs, people all over. Was great, got to meet a lot of the people that Jason works with (that weren't at the Christmas party), and their significant others.

Saturday was nice and leisurely, after breakfast we hit the Copper City Amusement Park where Jason beat me at mini golf (although, I think I got more hole-in-ones than him), and where we both got to go-kart like crazy (him, a little more crazy than I, natch). Dinner was back at the hotel, with drinks and a DJ in the lounge afterwards.

Sunday, after breakfast, we stopped in to Invermere, and slowly made our way back home, where we both promptly fell asleep and napped the night away (before getting up and going to bed).

Kinda sucks being home now, since when on a company trip like this, every single thing is taken care of for you. We didn't spend much except for a tank of gas to get there, and one lunch that we had on our own apart from the rest of the work gang. Pretty amazing, we're pretty lucky.

Still no transfer news, I promise to keep my Transfer Watch 2007 sidebar information updated.

AND ... I think it's about time to have a Summary part 2 for my first year of law school - I'll start working on it, so stay tuned for that one.

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