Thursday, June 07, 2007


I'm not referring to the transfer ... that jury is still out ... please cross all your toes and all your fingers for me (I was thinking again today about having to sell my house and move to SK, and I could feel the weeping trying to get out). SUCCESS ... because I fit back into a pair of dress pants that were getting a little too snug for comfort. So ... looks like eating like a normal human being as opposed to a blizzard eating binge-machine truly is starting to work. YAY!

Dad's B-day was nice last night. We went for dinner to the Red Lobster ... mmmm ... garlic cheese biscuits. Why are those dang garlic cheese biscuits so freakin' good? I think I dreamed about them last night ... we were on a date, garlic cheese biscuits and I, and let me tell you, there was no need for a main course if you know what I mean. After the red lobster dinner, the family went back to the house and had some prezzies and b-day cake ... an ice cream cake from Lic's. Mmmm ... rollo ice cream cake. Needless to say, I was rather surprised that my pants fit me this morning.

I'm starting to get antsy about the transfer for more than just my personal reasons. I'm getting a little nuts in thinking about course selection. One thing about being in this limbo is that I've been trying to scan the course options for both schools, so that I'll have an idea of where I'm at once I get the word on where I'll be. If it takes a long time to find out about the transfer, I may have to pick courses @ U of S, and then see about U of C afterwards. Sigh. I'm getting a little crazy.

Living in limbo is not fun. Even the poor Hubster is suffering; choices about career, and leisure activity investments (read: ATV purchasing) are all on hold until we figure out where we're going to be.

Poor me, poor me, poor me ... yeah right. I know ...

OH - and the crazy flooding that went on here ... yeah ... it was nuts. I didn't get any pictures myself, so I don't want to post any online ... but it was nuts. On Tuesday night, there was a ravaging thunder storm that went through here. I was in the middle of playing Heart Shaped Box on Guitar Hero (and let me tell you, I was rocking), when there was a huge lightning blast, we could actually hear the sizzle, and thunder right away, and then the power in our house went out. We were without power for 2 hours! Jason, my in-laws and I sat on our window seat and just watched the spectacular lightning display. There are some pictures circulating via e-mail of the flooding that went on in some parts of the city, cars were almost entirely submerged ... I guess all do to the fact that we got 72 mm (or so) of rain in less than 3 hours.

The CTV website has a bunch of stories on it:

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