Saturday, June 09, 2007

I'm starting to go a little password mental ...

... I can't keep track of them all. It's a real exercise in memory. Hopefully this will keep my mind youthful and sharp.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world. My Husband is just finishing the second of two bookshelves so that I can store all my wonderful books without having him trip all over them! I'll post a picture later, since as per usual, my camera batteries are dead.

Also ... I'm writing from my deck, enjoying the morning time temperatures, and relaxing while Jason's at golf. Heavenly.

Part of the heavenly morning ritual was getting the Herald so that I could peruse through it at my leisure (with a Tim's coffee, of course), and I saw an article that caught my attention like crazy. On page A5 there's an article entitled "Scientist wants to patent life form" about Dr. Craig Venter wanting to patent the "building blocks of life" that he has claimed to have isolated. Sounds exciting, but also scary. The legal/moral/ethical implications are so huge ... I searched it out a bit more, and here's what I found:

Interesting stuff. Can you imagine releasing a man-made organism into the wild? What kind of effect would it have on the balance of our eco-system? Seems almost like a science fiction short story. I'm reminded of Ray Bradbury's story A Sound of Thunder. I think I read it in Junior High, but it's certainly a chilling read. Highly recommended to anyone.

How exciting, though, to be living in an age when science fiction is truly becoming reality. I suppose that could be said for any age, as science fiction is always ahead ... but truly ... I'm always amazed by what is going on around us.

I haven't checked the U of C website yet ... I'm hoping that this is a sign that the neuroticism is dying down a little.

Also - the plants on my deck appear to be doing well. Hopefully I can keep them going the entire summer. I'll be so excited if I can.

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