Thursday, June 21, 2007

It Was a Real Doozy

... of a headache yesterday. Ouch. I think I didn't drink enough water the day before (Tuesday), and then I played soccer in the glorious, glorious sunshine. Wednesday, I was a wreck. BUT ... I drank water like a crazy woman, and I'm back in tip-top shape today.


A lot ... basically. That's no sarcasm ... I LOVE THE SUN.


Still waiting on transfer news, but have found lots to do to distract myself. With the sun shining, I'm getting to do all that I've wanted to do for quite a while. Now ... I just need to lay my hands on a bike so I can start riding to work. Hmmmm .... must check my best friend - Craigslist.

ALSO - I found a website that I didn't know about before -->

You can buy/sell handmade things ... I must keep this in mind for gift-giving time. There are some really awesome things on there - a definite spot to check out.

My flower box plants are still alive. Surprisingly. It looks like the rain made them very happy, so that's a bonus. I've been remembering to water them and everything. I want them to be lush, and rich looking, so I may add a little fertilizer in a week or two ... not too much though ... I recently heard a story about a guy who burned his lawn off from adding too much fertilizer ... I'm doing so well with my plants, I can't wreck them now that patio season has officially arrived.

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