Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Chilling in SUCH a Good Way

Went to see Mr. Brooks last night. First movie that I've really loved Kevin Costner in. I KNOW! I didn't believe it was possible. Sure, I've LIKED him in different things, he was good enough in Robin Hood, people seem to love him in Tin Cup ... yada, yada, yada. BUT ... but. Mr. Brooks ... first time I've ever seem him be really different in a movie. Loved it. He even had a naked scene (from the back of course). Movie reminded me a great deal of Lucky Number Slevin, same kinda flavour. Chilling ... in a good way.

Saw two bunnies frolicking as I walked in to work. No joke. Frolicking. Made me feel like I should have more energy this morning.

Got an e-mail from the U of C yesterday (responding to my inquiry of when the transfer applications will be processed). They said I should hear "very soon". So ... I'm figuring by the end of this month. I thought that news would make me feel better, but now that I'm actually faced with the reality of knowing my fate for the next two years, I'm feeling a little panicky. In a way, there's a comfort in knowing that a big decision is looming, but that you have time to deal with it.

Once I know, I'll either be able to move on with my life here (cross your fingers), in which case Jason and I have a lot of organization things to do (house stuff, selling a car etc.), OR ... I'll be planning a move to Saskatchewan, the thought of which brings be chest pain. Yeah ... I know, I'm a whiner.

Anyhoo ...


Anonymous said...


I read your blog regularly, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and I'll say a few prayers too!

A friend of mine transferred from U of Manitoba to U of C in 2005 after 1st year and was in a similar situation to you. She was married and her husband was in Calgary, and it all came through for them. I think it will come through for you too.

Hang in there, soon you'll know.

Lisa Hutch said...

THANK you so much! I really, really appreciate the thoughts!!!

I hope so much to get the transfer, but by the same token, if I don't, I'm trying to remember that it probably means that someone needed it more than me ... which is fair in the big scheme of life ... I'm TRYING to be reasonable. It's just hard sometimes!!!