Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sorry I've Been Away So Long

But ... I've really been up to a lot.

Last weekend I tried to wrap up as many loose ends as I could.

We were treated to drinks with some friends on Friday night, which was both fun and sad, since I'm going to miss this couple.

On Saturday, I had breakfast with Jason, Mom, and Dad, and then I got to spent some QT with my Mom while she spoiled me by buying me some jeans for school (thank GOD, because without the jeans I bought, I don't know what I'd be wearing, seriously, the wardrobe was looking dire). Also, I've resolved myself to the fact that no jean will ever fit my butt perfectly (except for the Jacob wide-leg trouser style jeans that I got - OMG I love them, and the waist fits better than most, but the pockets do gape a little). So ... once my jeans stretch out a little more, off to the tailor I will go to make a little nip/tuck in the waist so that I won't lose my jeans when I bend over.

The guys at work this summer, much to their dismay, I'm sure, were treated to endless rants about the state of jeans in the world today, and how for a 28 year old married woman, it was hard to find something appropriate that didn't display one's "goods" for the entire world to see. I would tirelessly lament the passing of the old style Silver jeans, since these were the last jeans that I truly loved (of course, before my Jacob jeans existed). Well, I'm happy to report that Silver has brought back their Original Fit! I'm so excited. When I put on a pair last weekend, it felt like coming home. Seriously. I'm going to have to buy a couple more pairs before they take them away from me again. Might take me some time, since they've essentially doubled in price in the last 10 years. Yikes, non?

Saturday night we were treated to sushi by some more friends of ours. We went to sushi boat, which was SOOOO much fun.

BUT ... I have to run to the bookstore right now (I'm trying to beat the crowds, the typical first few weeks at school have me nauseated at the times I have to spend in lines).

Will finish post later.


I'm back.

Sunday we had brunch with some more friends, again, a sad parting. Sunday afternoon we shopped for appliances for the new house, and packed.

Monday we packed some more, and in the evening we had dinner with my family, which I don't even want to talk about, because it makes me sad even now to think about missing out on Sunday dinners with them for the next couple of years.

Tuesday was my official move to Saskatoon (and Jason's unofficial move with me to Saskatoon).

Wednesday was the first day of classes. I had four of them, which I'll describe in detail later. I also warily regarded many line-ups that I have NO desire to go anywhere near. Aurgh. Start of year line-ups suck. Hence my hasty depart this morning to hit the bookstore before the afternoon rushes (and hour long line-ups).

Today was a successfully quick trip to the bookstore, and my Health Law class, which promises to be everything that I wanted it to be.

Lunch time for Lisa now, though, so I'll check in a little later.

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