Thursday, September 27, 2007

Professional Misconduct

It's a subject that I've been studying in my Health Law class, as it applies to Health Care Professionals.

In Law Times this article was posted:
Guelph lawyer disbarred by law society
Could lose Order of Canada

I only point this article out, because although I've come to see how serious the implications are of professional misconduct, I didn't realize you could lose your Order of Canada (which makes sense, of course, when you think about it).

I look forward (even more now) to next semester, as I'm enrolled in Professional Responsibility. Professional misconduct as it relates to lawyers will provide an interesting contrast to how it works for the doctors that I've been studying (the thought of which reminds me of a thread I read awhile back on

Here's the calendar description:
LAW 421.3 — 1/2(3L)
Professional Responsibility
Introduces students to i) the roles, responsibilities and authority of the legal profession and ii)the legal and ethical duties of lawyers in the practice of law. The regulation of various aspects of the profession - admission, regulation of the practice of law, lawyer discipline, etc. are critically examined. As well, students will learn the elements of a lawyer’s duties to client, the court and others, including himself or herself. This involves an understanding of the lawyer’s role in the adversary system, the nature of lawyer-client confidentiality, integrity and conflicts of interest in various roles performed by lawyers.

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