Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Know

I'm a jerk for not keeping up with this right now.

But ... the reading ... there's a lot of it.

And the chaos ... there's a lot of it too.

I'm sleeping on an air mattress in a friend's condo (she has been SOOO nice to let me crash with her).

My Husband is packing up the house in Calgary.

We move on Sunday.

Figuring out bus routes, getting everything at school done that I need done, paying fees, eating, sleeping, eye twitching, trying not to miss deadlines for signing up for extra-curriculars ... it's all taking a toll.

I'm going to try and not get sick.

Soon. Soon I'll be back into a lovely routine. Ah routine, how I miss you. Soon.

Also - I have no phone. I'm phoneless. It's weird. A little unsettling.


AND ... how AWESOME was Big Brother tonight? Hunh [elbow poke], hunh [elbow poke]? I LOVE IT.

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