Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wow, I Loved Being Home for Spring Break

Why does it go by so fast, though?

Saturday, I flew in to Calgary just in time for dinner, grabbed a bite with my Hubby, and then we got to meet some friends for a pint, friends we hadn't seen in a long time, so it was great.

Sunday we met my parents and Joe for breakfast, and then proceeded to motor about Calgary running errands, and sneaked in a little WOW.

Monday was a lazy, relaxing, movie watching, WOW playing kind of day (sigh), and on Tuesday Jason's parents came into town. We met them for dinner, and on Wednesday took Jason's mom cross-country skiing. Thursday we did a little shopping in Kensington, and on Friday we met Joe for lunch at Chili's, and proceeded again to run errands around town like crazy. By Thursday I started feeling the illness, you know, the one that sneaks up on you as soon as you slow down, the one that inevitably makes you feel crappy at the only time that you want to feel good? That's the one. Luckily, my Sister Kristin had made a casserole for dinner, so she graciously brought it over to our house for Julie, Jason and I to partake while we watched Grey's Anatomy, the Office, and the Oilers game.

Saturday was another take it easy kind of day, Sunday we saw Pan's Labyrinth (Wow, is all I have to say), and we took Julie computer shopping, oh ... and Jason got a welder. Monday we had dinner at my parent's house, and here we are. Tuesday, with so much to do that I'm already freaking out about it.

So - gotta go, and start reading. Seeing as I did NOTHING over the spring break. And I mean, NO SCHOOL WORK AT ALL.

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