Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Just Caught Myself Doing It Again

You know, the modern day, non-performance version of the soliloquy. I was standing in the kitchen, thinking about my previous post and the virtues of reading fiction vs. non-fiction (I read both), and started to take the position of fiction, arguing persuasively why you can learn just as much from it.

I talked about fiction representing the ideas and positions of people, recorded at specific times in history, with different events having an impact on the viewpoint that wrote the words. I talked about people's loves, people's hates, the things that bother people, the things that make people laugh. Recurring themes, and what they say about humanity's constance in an everchanging landscape. Yup ... it was getting poetic.

I caught myself in the middle, because the argument was dramatic, it had flair. It made me realize how I only soliloquy when I'm alone ... and maybe I miss that sometimes. It has been a long time since I've spent any real time alone ... living with roommates again ... going home on weekends to visit the hub-ster. And while I value all the time that I spend with people, I sometimes forget the value in spending time with myself. I don't need a lot ... just enough to squeak out a soliloquy or two.

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