Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So, As For School Today

First of all, I must pat myself on the back for going at all. While I am not one for skipping school, today it was tempting. I'm not in school mode, one of my roomies threatened to order pizza and watch movies, and the thought of camping out on the couch as opposed to jumping on the bus to get to school (and my car) was less than appealing.

Lucky for me, school won out (or rather, thinking about the sacrifices that I'm making to be here at all, and the sacrifices and support that my Hubby offers me everyday won out). I got back my moot mark, and was more than pleasantly surprised by it. Also, our ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Prof came into our Crim class today to organize up our mock sentencing circles for Friday.

Friday, our classes are cancelled, and as part of both Criminal Law and ADR we get to head to the Provincial Court House and take part in a mock sentencing circle with a judge and a mediator.

Sentencing circles fall under the resorative justice mandate, bringing community involvement into the sentencing process to foster healing, rehabilitation, and responsibility.

I volunteered to play a role in the mock circle, so I have to prepare to play the girlfriend of the offender (who robbed a 7-11 store). Should be interesting. The Prof said that they don't need you to deliver an academy award winning performance, but come on. I'm going to have to try and deliver the best girlfriend that my class-mates have ever seen. I wonder if I dare dress the part.

Sigh. I miss home already.

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