Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day of Firsts Went Well

I enjoyed the tutorial, although I was rather disappointed at the fact that our timeslot wasn't nearly as exciting as the 8:30 tutorial timeslot. Apparently, there was smoke in the law library, the firefighters arrived, and the building was evacuated. In the emergency situation students weren't allowed to get their coats from their lockers, and were shuffled outside (in -29 degree weather - before windchill) in t-shirts and jeans. Yikes.

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) was pretty good. We talked about Interests vs. Positions. It wasn't as touchy-feely as I was dreading that it would be, so the next few sessions should be relatively painless (and perhaps even interesting).

This evening I had a classmate over to go over our resumes. We had to primp and update our respective CV's, and were both pleased with the results. So ... if there are any summer student jobs out there in Calgary that anyone wants to offer up, I'm ready to show off a stellar resume. I have so many action words, it's astounding. The best part; my entire resume is true - there are no stretches of the truth, and I'm finally at a point in my life where I'm really proud of what's on there.

Sigh. Of contentment.

I also stopped in at the library today and got two more Philippa Gregory books, as well as another Neil Gaiman book ... so I'm in trouble. Still have to read Children of Men before Feb. 20th as well. YIKES. So much reading, so much school, so much fun to have in the next week that I have off.

How will I manage it all? Prioritization.

Also, two of our classes are cancelled tomorrow, so we only have our one morning class to attend ... then we're officially on spring break (woo hoo).

I even hit the gym today, so I must be feeling better. Hopefully the dreaded illness running rampant through the law school won't get me ... I'm dodging, dipping, ducking, diving, and dodging to avoid it.

The season of change, she is a blowing. Where will it all land? Where will everyone settle? It will only be too fun to see. Full steam ahead, in any case.


Jimmy Mack said...

I'm assuming those 5 D's are from dodgeball right? No one ever believes me that dodge is used twice...

Lisa Hutch said...

Ahahahahah ... yup 5 D's from Dodgeball, and "dodge" is definitely used twice.

I love throwing those down ... especially since I actually PLAYED dodgeball over the summer. Hilarious.