Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Where to Begin?

There's so much to tell.

I got my driver's license back. Some kind soul found it and turned it into the information lost and found in upper Place Riel. Thank you, whoever you are! I owe you one, even though I don't know who you are, karma's gonna get you!

First, the fluff.

Missed school on Friday on account of a killer migraine. I won't complain, though, since it's the first one that I can remember having this school year, which compared to when I live in Calgary is NOTHING.

Went home this weekend, was a quicker trip than usual, got to have dinner with the family (siblings and cuz), and got to take some much needed rest. There's a flu going around the law school (seemed like half the class was missing in Torts this morning), and I'm trying to avoid it.

Monday, after class, spent some more time in bed (again, I'm succumbing to the need for my rest that my body seems to be slapping me with).

Today, the roomies left for Cuba, I have the house to myself, and my energy seems to be slightly up ... I'm hoping it's a good sign.

Next, the crazy factor.

Last week I was hit with some kind of hormonal roller coaster, at least, that's what I'm writing it off as. I tried to convince my sister that I MUST be depressed, but she didn't believe me. I guess depression doesn't only last a week, but I tell you, I have some sympathy with sufferers. I didn't want to do anything, I had no energy, I hated everything, and my inner voice wouldn't stop whining. It was awful, and I hated every minute of it.

Lastly, the revolution.

Went to the USSU's AGM today, and watched a real-life revolution unfold. Law students and engineering students united to "take down the man". It was dramatic, it was exciting, and it was enlightening. For me, the people observations were the best part. Watching people get defensive, move into eye-rolling, and get little digs in ... I was reminded of watching Parliament's question period. I'm not sure if that's encouraging ... you decide on that one.

Also - check out http://www.theweaklylawyer.com - I added it to my sidebar.

OH - and PS. I was walking to the door of my townhome after school, and I slipped on the ice. I'm not talking about the meager slip where you look like a fool, but catch yourself and look around to see if anyone saw your stellar moves ... I'm talking about the kind of slip where my feet both shot out from under me, like I was Ritchie on February 3rds game, being hooked by Burrows - see video below. Except, I had no skates, and there was no fierce opponent with a stick buzzing around me. Serious, I landed hard on my hip, and can't wait for that to start hurting. The funny part is that while I was lying in the snow, trying to regain order with myself, I looked around to see where this ice was, and if I could peg negligence in maintenance on someone ... not to sue them of course, but just to see the practice of all this theory that I've been learning ... law in motion if you will - literally.

Click to watch Ritchie getting hooked - notice his feet fly out from under him - just like my feet did today!

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