Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Had Good Intentions

To do some school related reading all day yesterday, but turns out that I got wrapped up in applying for jobs.

I sent out a ton of resumes and cover letters, so hopefully I'll hear back from some of them.

I looked for my Sister, as well, who will be in the market for a new job come Monday ... it's always more fun to look for jobs for someone else.

NOW ... today I've got to get some serious reading done, as I leave this afternoon for my spring break at home. I'm EVER so excited. My i-pod is charged, and I have yet to pack (still finishing laundry).

I think I'm going to get the most cumbersome text-book reading out of the way ... soooo ... looks like today will be a constitutional reading day.

We'll see how far I get (so many distractions).

Calgary, here I come!

OH - and I just read Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. Didn't intend on reading the whole book in two days, but it was that kind of book. LOVED IT. ADORED IT. READ IT if you haven't yet. It's pure magic, and it's going to be rattling around in my brain for a little while (always the way that I rate whether a book is good or not ... if it rattles, it's high up on the ratings list). I also had to Wikipedia Anansi, because of the rattling ... so ... I'm still learning, even if my distractions aren't law related.

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