Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tired. Wow.

So ... I was up fairly late last night, tackling my BusOrg reading. We were assigned 2 1/2 articles (about 20-25 pages each, from bar review journals), as well as 1/2 a chapter of our textbook.

I decided to start with the articles, which in hindsight I think was a smart idea.

I got through basically 1 article in about 3 hours.

It took me FOREVER! It was academic writing, which I'm not used to. I've learned to read cases and textbooks a little bit faster and more effectively, but academic writing is a new thing for me (remember, I hail from computer science, technical writing is more familiar to this girl).

I had to stop and look up words in the dictionary, and re-read sentences that were conveying fairly complex ideas in a succinct way.

All in all, I think the one article I got through sums up an ENTIRE concept (i.e. what fiduciary obligations really are), which is pretty huge ... so that's kind of exciting.

But - holy smokes, it took me forever.

I made notes while I went along, which I think helped solidify things in my head. I'm usually a highlight and make notations in the margins kind of girl. That worked for me all of last year ... but this stuff about corporations is a little too abstract for me to pull those moves off. I think I'm going to have to adopt this formalistic approach, and REALLY make myself good notes while I read.

I always try and leave myself more time to finish this BusOrg reading, and each time, it seems like I get less done. Aurgh. I guess I'll have to try and tackle most of the reading more seriously on the weekends. I really like to try and leave my weekends school free, so that I can spend time with the Hubster, but looks like I may have to sacrifice a bit until December rolls around.

ANTM is on tonight. Exciting.

I can't believe that I haven't seen any of new episodes of The Office. Double Aurgh.

I have an extra long Evidence class on Friday (make-up class), as well as our regular class ... so about 4 hours of Evidence on Friday. I still have to do the reading for that, so looks like The Office might be out this week too. Triple Aurgh. Luckily on the NBC website they post full episodes. Good ol' NBC, keeping up with the times.

Well - gotta go brush the chompers!

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