Friday, October 26, 2007

I've Been Cranking Away

At my Health Law assignment. It's really funny, because we have 10 days to write a memo about an assigned topic, so it's pretty much like our open memo, but we've covered most of the research part in class (maybe, it's like a mix between our open memo and our closed memo).

I remember the panic and fervor over the open memo last year. This year, this assignment is something that I have to remind myself not to forget about!

Framing the issues was a lot easier. Also, organizing the material came to me much more quickly than last year. Instead of trying to whip all of the theory into submission, I've let the material dictate the organization, and let me tell you, it's an easier road traveled. I've forgotten, though, how the legal writing method is different. I keep referring back to my open memo to make sure I refer to cases properly, that I do my citations properly, basically ... for formatting. Also - thank goodness for that McGill guide!

The new season of Scrubs started last night ... exciting ... although the episode was a little disappointing. Maybe because it was a little less silly and a little more serious. I like Scrubs for silly, so .....

I think Battlestar Gallactica starts soon too .... SOOO excited about that one. Uh oh - just looked it up ... 2 hour premiere on Nov 24th ... cripes ... that's almost Christmas for goodness sakes. I don't think I'll be able to make it that long.

Jason and I are going to see Henry Rollins on Sunday, so I'm really looking forward to that. We've seen Rollins twice before, doing his spoken word, and it's always entertaining ... that man literally vibrates with energy and intensity.

On campus interviews (although that name now no longer seems appropriate ...) for Calgary are next week, so many students will be getting ready for those. Due to a pending strike at the U of S (I think both faculty and administration staff are on notice ... haven't gotten any announcements about it but ... I've heard a bit about it through the grapevine). The interviews have been moved to the Delta Bessborough hotel, which is on the posh side of ordinary. Exciting.

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Clay Hilbert said...

We are going to Rollins as well on Monday here in E-Town. He's always a great show.

Cannot wait!