Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dinner and Dishes and Curling

It was a smashing weekend. The first weekend we've been in our house, here in Saskatoon, without a TO DO list the length of my arm (we still had one, was just the length of half of my arm).

We were fortunate to attend a dinner invitation on Saturday night, which was so nice. Having a social encounter in Saskatoon put us both in a good mood. The food was excellent, the wine flowed freely, and the conversation was so enjoyable.

Dishes - we've been hand washing. We haven't picked up a dishwasher yet and I'd forgotten what it is like to live without a dishwasher. I lived in a place for one year that didn't have one, and now I'm getting flashbacks. My tactic is to do most of the dishes in the sink before I leave the kitchen ... for example, if I'm cooking dinner, before I sit down to eat it I'll wash all the dishes I used to make it. It really makes it manageable ... because if we leave dishes for even a day, it becomes a daunting task that nobody wants to take on. So ... yeah ... I thought laundry was bad for consuming your life ... nope ... dishes are worse.

Last, but not least, I curled. Yup ... I'm so excited. It was one of my goals that if I was going to live in Saskatchewan while attending school, the experience wouldn't be complete without doing some curling. So ... I joined a law extra-curricular team as a stand-in, and my services were called upon tonight. It was the first time I've EVER curled, and it was so fun ... I landed on my ass quite a bit (uh ... yeah, not always while I was wearing a slide), and could barely get the rock all the way to the opposite hog line ... but I came, I saw, and I whipped it good. The best part is that the parking meters are free at the time that we play ... woo hoo!

I wrapped up my Health assignment that's due tomorrow, so I'm going to bed without having read BusOrg yet (yikes). It's two articles, and I have them printed and ready to go, so hopefully my three hour break tomorrow will be sufficient time to tackle them to the extent that I won't embarrass myself in class tomorrow.

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