Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So Much to Say ... So Little Time ... AGAIN!

Had an amazingly awesome weekend - will go into that when I have more time.

This week is already turning out to be pretty awesome.

Yesterday at noon there was a lecture in the law library from visiting Acting Head of the University of Canterbury School of Law in New Zealand, Duncan Webb. He's an ethics guru, and his lecture was entitled "Bounded Paternalism and Bounded Autonomy (Why I am A Hired Gun)". It was about the role of lawyers in the justice system, and where moral or ethical lines enter into where lawyers see their roles, and where the general public sees their roles (it was more interesting than how I've just summarized it, but I'm limited on time here people). Definitely a good lecture, inspired some post-lecture discussion in the bar ... which is always a measure of how interesting something is. Especially interesting is the lecture subject in the context of access to justice.

Also, the CBA had a wine and cheese last night, which was well attended. Got to renew my CBA student membership, sign up for their mentoring program, sip some wine, see some people (including Duncan Webb, where I asked him if he thought that his view on the role of lawyers actually helped strengthen our legislation - since lawyers would be always working the law to their client's advantage, would it force legislature to close gaps that could be exploited - and he talked about how lawyers are ridiculously wordy, and that a cyclone of wordiness would possibly ensue, and that really, there is no clarity in the law - I think I kind of understand ... but ... maybe the fact that I'm fuzzy shows that I actually do understand), and I even won a door prize (a nifty little tote bag). Fun.

Yesterday the 1Ls handed in their open memos, and I had a little reminiscing session with some fellow 2Ls. Fun. It feels so far away, but just like yesterday too. I know.

AND ... saw this guy on the City TV's Calgary Breakfast Show ...


Hilarious, non? Don't lie ... you want him at your next party!

Last, but not least:


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