Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gobble, Gobble is Over

Makes me a little sad. That it's over, I mean.

We had a sensational weekend. Hit up Jason's hometown first, where we got to spend some QT with his parents. Watched a couple of movies, took care of some business, enjoyed the crispness of fall with an amazing turkey dinner ... was very nice. I got to bask in the glory of the smell of pumpkin pie baking ... a wish come true.

We also hit up Calgary, and got to spend a Thanksgiving dinner with a great gathering of family and friends ... there were 14 of us in total, and it was great to see everyone at once.

Now, I'm back to business. Had class this morning, and I'm currently trying to get through my BusOrg reading. EGADS, it's so much. There's a ton to get through, so I'm hoping to put a major dent in it before I go to bed tonight.

I hooked up a printer that Jason's parents gave to us, and I'm SOOOO happy that I'm able to print in the comfort of my own home. So thrilling.

The first year formal seems to have gone well for those that attended last Thursday, I've had the chance to peruse some pics, and it's amazing how dashing the fellow classmates look all dolled up.

Our house is finally starting to feel like a home - my handy Hubby installed blinds on all of the windows that had been either bare, or covered with a sheet and clothespins. Makes me very happy.


Now ... back to work. BusOrg, I'll conquer you yet.

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