Monday, August 13, 2007

What A Lovely Weekend

Friday Jason took me to the Harry Potter movie!!! WOO HOO! Yes, I loved every second, yes I'd see it again in a heartbeat, and yes, I want to re-read the book RIGHT now.

If I hadn't read the book, I could see how the movie may appear slightly disjointed. There were parts that wouldn't make sense without the background, or the ENTIRE plot of the book (obviously, a lot had to be cut out). When Neville tells Harry that he isn't ready for everyone to know about his parents, it seems out of place without knowing that in the book Harry saw Neville's parents in the hospital (and they skipped that part in the movie). Stuff like that. The parts that were done in the movie, though, were awesome. I loved every second. SOOO cool that we get to see them doing more magic. Oh MAN! I could go on forever about this, so I'll stop myself now.

Saturday, we started to get organized for moving (which was pretty much exactly as you picture it).

Sunday, we had a grand day. It was our second wedding anniversary, and we took to the streets.

We started off by running a few errands, and grabbing a bite to eat on 4 St. Then, we hit the Big Secret Theatre to take in one of the offerings of the Calgary Fringe Festival which is on right now (until August 19th - check it out, but don't expect it to be anything like the Edmonton Fringe, Calgary was very sedate, and really seemed like a secret ... if you weren't already aware, you'd wonder what all those crazy people with buttons were doing hanging around the theatre disctrict).

We saw the Deer on the Highway show put on by Red Deer College Theatre, which consisted of two shows; Young Marrieds at Play and The Blue Note Lounge.

Next, we went to Marda Gras at Marda Loop, and did a tour of that festival. There was music, merchant booths, and a big beach volleyball tournament that we watched for awhile.

For dinner, we checked out GlobeFish (recomended by a co-worker of mine) for sushi. We went to the Marda Loop location, and tried a bunch of their rolls, including the FABULOUS Vancouver roll, and the sweet and sexy Mango Paradise roll. This place reminded us a lot of Sushi Samba in NYC, there is a huge variety of sushi, and many choices are put together a little differently than at your regular neighbourhood sushi joint. We'll definitely be heading back to this one.

Finally, we rented Casino Royale. According to the Blockbuster dude, we must be the last two people that haven't seen it. Definitely, I would say that it's the best recent Bond flick. The movies with Pierce Brosnan were so cheesy, it was hard for me to take. This flick definitely brought back the sexy, and laid off the cheese.

Also - I was surprised the Chris Cornell did the opening song. I don't really remember hearing about it when the movie first came out. Weird, didn't really sound like him. It was such a big deal when Madonna et. al. did their Bond songs, and I seriously don't remember any hype over this one.

It was a great day, puts me in a reminiscing kinda mood too. Last year, for our anniversary, we drove home from our Oregon vacation. Of course, the year before that was our amazing wedding. Makes me excited for where we'll be a year (or two, or three) from now.

Thank you to everyone that called to wish us congratulations on Sunday. It means a lot to us, and makes us feel ever so loved!

And ... of course, it wouldn't be me without doing a rant of some kind, so here it is. I know that a lot of people love that you can now have Blockbuster movies for a week, so late fees aren't such a big issue anymore etc. etc. etc. BUT ... there are NEVER any movies on the shelves anymore. No wonder we never rent movies. Earlier this summer, we had a certificate for one of their guaranteed movies (where they guarantee that the movie will be in, or you get a credit on your account that is good for two weeks to rent that movie for free). We had this credit for, like, 6 weeks in a row because the movie was NEVER in. AURGH. How frustrating. What a waste of time to go in there. I guess you have to hit Blockbuster mid to late week to even get a choice of anything. No wonder Netflix is so huge. And ... rant over.

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