Friday, August 31, 2007

Son of a GUN!

Wouldn't you know it.

We buy a house on a bus route, and I get really excited about the fact that a bus stop is RIGHT outside our front door. Literally, steps away.

AND ... what do I read today in the Star Phoenix?

THE route right outside our door will be eliminated.

AURGH! YES, I know that I really will only need to walk two blocks to grab the direct bus to the U of S, but I was looking forward to being spoiled on REALLY cold days by waiting inside for as long as possible.


I just checked the overall route map at Saskatoon Transit that reflects all the route changes in September, and it's really only a block and a half that I'll have to walk. Sniff. I guess I'll be OK. Yeah, I know I'm whining, but I'm sick with a cold, and I'm dreading the move that will quickly ensue. So ... yeah. Whining is on.

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