Thursday, August 02, 2007

We Won, We Won, We Won!

Our first Ultimate Frisbee win. It was last night ... it was spectacular ... and in Chad's words ... it was ... ultimate.

In both of the games that we played last night, I played in a marathon round that really had me running my caboose off. Each half of a game lasts about 20 minutes (so in a night, we play 4 halves - two games) ... and last night, I played two rounds that SEEMED like they were almost an entire half (in reality, they were probably only about 12 minutes or so, but holy crikey Batman).

But ... in our second game, we won 4-3 ... it was a great, close game. Sure makes a difference to be done the seeding rounds, and to be playing against other teams that are a lot closer in experience and skill level (i.e. at the bottom ... the newbies ... the unskilled ... inexperienced).

Sigh. I really love Ultimate Frisbee ... just wish I was a little better at throwing/catching the friggin disc. Must practice that up ... perhaps this weekend.

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