Monday, April 16, 2007

Some Comments

So ... Contracts exam was ... not difficult per se. The test was NOTHING that was unexpected. If you're reading this and planning to attend U of S law school, Axworthy's Contracts exams don't change from year to year. You may get a tiny tweak in the fact pattern, or in the case that the fact pattern surrounds ... generally the facts sound like one case, but the law is from another case ... either way ... if you do the practice exams, you'll know what to expect. I don't mean this to say that I think I did well, but I wasn't surprised. OH - and look at past tutorials too, those revolve in and out of exams. Plus side is you'll be prepared, down side is that so will everyone else ... remember the wicked curve that ruins peoples' lives ... yeah.

As for yesterday, I did a lot of sleeping, dabbling in studying, and generally tried to avoid a melt-down. Oh, and I packed up my room a little, did the last load of laundry that I'll do here in Saskatoon.

This exam schedule is killing me, I'm drained, tired, exhausted, and so ready to go home. I'm dangerously close to having a pity party, and I am losing the energy to combat it all. Upside is, only two exams left, and less than a week to go. This time next week, I'll be in Oregon. Sigh. Oregon.


Anna said...

Reading this is scaring me about going to get my Masters. LOL

Lisa Hutch said...

OH NO!! Don't be scared (hahahaha), it's not that bad ... it's just exam time ... and it's been over 5 weeks since I've seen my husband ... so I'm kind of in a bad place (not to mention the PMS tendancies that are facing me this week).

The rest of the year is manageable, but exam time sucks. Most of our finals are worth 80% of our mark, so it's a lot of pressure, especially when I'm trying to transfer to Calgary.

Sigh. Exams suck, but school is fun.