Friday, April 13, 2007

A Few Comments About the Exams So Far

Property: Test seemed kind of tough, was really about being able to identify issues ... it wasn't clear cut which way you could take each question, but I think that was the point ... you had some freedom and flexibility to apply many different concepts ... you just had to pick and choose because of the time constraints.

Test consisted of: 4 definitions, 1 short policy essay, 1 short aboriginal property law question, 1 short question with estate/perpetutites type problems, and a longer fact pattern type of question. I was writing like a demon for the full three hours. I felt relatively prepared, but as I still feel like somewhat of a newbie when I write law exams, I wasn't sure how far I could take my assumptions to apply a certain concept. We'll see.

Charter: Test was exactly as previous tests in form, with a few twists on the fact patterns. Wasn't surprising, but was another test that kept me writing for the full three hours. 3 Fact patterns and an essay. I found that the book "The Charter of Rights and Freedoms" by Robert J. Sharpe and Kent Roach really helped with everything. Especially the essay question.

And now, I'm going to see if this coffee shop has some ice for "the claw" ... you know, that thing that my hand is turning into from all the exam writing it has endured so far.

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