Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Tried Not to Do It

I don't think it was me, so it's some other person out there in Saskatoon, or even the greater Saskatoon area.

I was walking back to my car yesterday, on campus, strolling about in the sunshine and basking in the warmth ... listening to the little birdies chirping. Thinking about putting away my jacket, and about the smell of soccer on the air. Thinking about the "S" word that would be coming in next week. Yes ... the "s" word, because I'm wise enough at my age to know that even thinking about the long version of the "s" word while on the prairies in march can have a detrimental effect to the weather.

So ... a screen shot of the U of S webcam right now:

So ... this is what I've got now. A mini-freakin' blizzard ... and a return to the darkness of winter. Someone said it. Someone thought it. I refuse to take responsibility ... but I'll help organize the committee to find out who did it (as long as committee snacks are taken care of ... I've been hankering for some finger sandwiches).

In any case, we had the curriculum presentation today, where you learn about the balloting process and course selection for 2nd and 3rd year. Also had a couple of tutorials that made the part of my conscious thought not operating in denial go into panic schisms at the thought of exams fast approaching (would have appeared to those in my class as delicate little coughs).

And now I sit in my bedroom, getting ready to hit the books with a vengeance, while sipping a beer in celebration of making it through yet another day of winter-torture. I almost bailed on the ice on my way to the car, and I was cursing the fact that I didn't have a scarf. Oh, how I miss the beautiful weather of yesterday. Yeah, not yesteryear ... yesterday.

Double sigh.

Oh well - it is America's Next Top Model night, and my roomies invited some of their friends over (who, I get to be friends with due to proximity ... you didn't know that proximity was good for more than just establishing a duty of care? Well ... through proximity you can establish friendships, knowledge, experience, and good looks ... trust me ... I wouldn't lie) for pizza and ANTM goodness.

I'm excited.

And jealous of my little sister who's new job is taking her to Las Vegas next month. What the heck, hey? What about me??!?!??!?!?!

All I can say is that I'll have some Victoria's Secret demands that she'll have to fit into her schedule of events somehow.

Oh - and today I got to sit in the cushy jury chairs for the first time in the moot court room. Fun.

Oh - and I'm feeling some Battlestar Gallactica withdrawal. It's kind of bad. I miss them like I miss my real friends, so in addition to the split-personality disorder as described above (i.e. part of the conscious mind operating in exam denial vs. part that is suffering appropriate panic attacks), I also am having some problems with reality (i.e. feeling as though fictitious characters could actually be my friends).

But then ... I feel my muscle pain from the gym, and am reminded all too quickly that reality=pain. It's symbolic. Reality=pain=life. (reference to Bwick Elias).

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