Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Know I Haven't Been Keeping in Touch

As well as I'd like, anyway. I blame it on a few different factors, some of them fair and legitimate, some perhaps not so much ... I leave it to you to decide.

1. School has been pretty busy. The readings haven't stopped, we've had an assignment out there that's due tomorrow, and I really just want to start buckling down and preparing for exams.

2. I've been trying to go to the gym, and that seems to take a significant chunk out of my day.

3. I really have to get my Pro Bono project done by the end of the month.

4. I've been living a jet-setting life with flying back to Calgary every weekend on a flight pass that ended last Tuesday.

5. U of S is such a rockstar law school, they've been wining and dining us students (or ... perhaps it was pancake breakfasting and coffee-ing ... but in my mind they're almost the same).

6. I'm no longer afraid to take to the roads of Saskatoon, since the scary sheaths of winter ice appear to have disappeared and revealed that there is, in fact, still pavement on the roads for my car tires to connect with in that same old loving feeling kind of way.

7. America's Next Top Model, cycle 8 started a week ago.

8. Laundry seems to be taking over my life.

9. The Roll-Up-the-Rim competition at Tim Horton's is THREATENING to take over my life. A few of my classmates have succumbed (NOT naming any names, but you KNOW who you are ... I do hope that you win soon so that this crazy train can dock at a station - and yeah, crazy trains are from space in my world). I'm scared that the two-fold addiction (i.e. caffeine and roll-up-the-rim gambling) will be too much for me to handle in the fragile state that I'm in ... well .... I feel like I'm fragile sometimes. No? No-one is buying fragile? Hmmm .... well, in either case, still not sure that I can cope with the temptation. I am only human ... and humans are generally fragile ... aren't we? Hmmmm .... this one might be a hard sell, even MY powers of persuasion seem to be struggling.

10. I've been abducted by aliens, and the android fraudulent copy of me that's been taking my place on Earth just isn't very good at this law school thing, or this keeping in touch thing, and has been making a real mess of it all.

The funny thing is, that for those that really know me, #10 isn't the one that is the obviously illegitimate response.

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