Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Hate Repeats

It sucks when you work hard all day to get ahead, you bust your ... you know whats, you even sacrifice your lunch break (well, some people do, I didn't though), just to clear your schedule for the great night of TV that Thursday has to offer, and you're faced with repeats. What a gyp.

I guess it's just the universe's way of motivating me to get on with my Pro Bono project, which is not the only thing on my plate besides keeping up with reading, and with preparing for exams.

Oh, and finding a summer job.

Scary how fast the end is coming.

I love SK, by the way, when it's warm. LOVE it. Feels like Calgary when it's warm.

Another thing I love is popcorn. Especially when dealing with my rambunctious hot air popper, right near the end, when I'm waiting for it to wind down, I have to close my eyes to protect them from rogue poppers, right before I pull the plug.

I also like words that start with the letter "T". There are so many things that start with T ...

Tina Turner

There's more. I'll post some more tomorrow. Maybe with pictures to illustrate. Well, probably I'll post them on Saturday, depending how I'm feeling.

1 comment:

Cappy-Lawling said...

I'm assuming that you are talking about Grey's Anatomy.

I think it might be the whole Issiah Washington homophobe remark thing.

At least it taught me something, that being that you can go to rehab for anything!