Sunday, March 11, 2007

The T-Party

So ... on Friday my roomies and I threw a T-Party. Everyone had to come dressed as something that starts with the letter "t", we had t-snacks (twix, twizzlers, triscuits, and tostitos), and we had t-activities (table tennis, and twister). I was amazed at some of the costumes, people went all out. Here are some pics:

The Three Roomies - Tobogganer, Tool-Man, and Tinkerbell:

Mr. T and Tomb Raider Lara Croft:


Tobogganer, Theory of Relativity, Tortious Apple (inside law school joke), Tuxedo, and Toilet:

I'm waiting for some more pics (since my camera is in Calgary, I'm reliant on all those that grace me with a spirit of sharing), and I'll post them as I get them. It was a pretty funny night, everyone had a good time.


anna said...

That one chick really resembled Angelina Jolie. Was Maddox there too?

Lisa Hutch said...

I wish - how cute would a little Maddy have been ... although ... we had one girl come as a "Threesome", where she attached two blow-up sex-toy dolls to herself ... I would have had to blindfold the little fake Maddox!