Monday, March 12, 2007

Not a Bad Day at All for a Monday

Started the day waking up late (thought I pressed snooze, but actually pressed "off" ... oops), so made it to my Constitutional class on time, but didn't have time to do all the readings. We're doing equality, section 15 of the Charter, and it is pretty interesting stuff.

Interesting thing about constitutional class, our professor, Professor Norman, mentioned a past talk given at the law school by Sheila L. Martin (now, Madam Justice Martin, as she was appointed to the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench in June of 2005) regarding the "grounds" component of analysis in equality challenges to the charter. I'd actually been looking at some of Madam Justice Martin's research, as she was a previous Dean of Law at the University of Calgary, and looked to have done research in both feminist law, and health-care law, both areas that I am interested in dabbling in (maybe).

After constitutional class, the law school had a guest speaker, Dr. Gail Anderson from the Simon Fraser University School of Criminology. Dr. Anderson is a forensic entomologist (one of only two in Canada), and gave a talk titled "Maggots and Murder". She was an engaging speaker, and had some vivid and amazing stories to share about her work with the BC Coroner's Service, and the RCMP.

Wrapped the day up with contracts class, and I'm now at home trying to be productive before I head to the gym (and yes, I will head to the gym).

Got some positive feedback today about the Friday T-Party, so it looks like people generally had a good time (yay).

And ... now I hit the books.

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