Thursday, February 25, 2010

Somewhat on track for weekly goals.


Well, I handed in an LE today, but it wasn't quite complete. Grrrr. Just ran out of time, unfortunately. I worked on it at home quite a bit, but I usually get enough time to finish up the details at work.

Unfortunately, my work week has been one of those weeks with MULTIPLE tiny little tasks that didn't really give me very much to wrap up the details that I needed time to wrap up.

Fortunately, this is only an LE (and therefore, not compulsory), and at least I handed in a first draft memo, and a skeleton of some will clauses that should at least garner some helpful feedback for me.

Also - the exercise of completing the LE is helpful in itself, and I did complete my thought process, just didn't have time to write all my thoughts out.

Oh well.

This week I have to work on the CE (compulsory), so I'll make sure that I have some time this weekend to take a good chunk out of it.

No news on the shoe front (I have been sticking to that goal).

Pretty excited about our Women's Hockey gold medal (woot woot).

Looking forward to reading the "Two Views" article in the current CBA National magazine where Michael Geist and Barry Sookman offer their POVs about Copyright Law. Too tired right now, though, I'm thinking over coffee in the morning. Saving it. Putting it next to the coffee maker so that it makes me smile before I get my morning brew.

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