Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If You're Going to Article in Litigation ...

... make sure to have appropriate footwear.


I've been lucky enough to lose all my baby weight, and I attribute it to many things, but one in particular is the amount of walking that I do as an articling student at a litigation practice.

Between jumping around down-town and from the office to the court-house and back again, I log a lot of walking time, which has been great for the slim-down process.

As for all my cute shoes that aren't exactly hiking shoes - they sit at the office and wait for me to return from my adventures in the good ol' trusty comfortable shoes.

My good ol' trusties are flat dress shoes that are actually made by Naturalizer, and they're on their last legs. I'm going to have to go shopping for a new pair of good ol' trusties, and I'm kind of nervous about the process. Finding cuteness mixed with comfort can be a daunting task, mix in the good deal factor, and I may have to spend a while on the prowl.

This week is swimming by so far. Other than my shoe ponderings, I've been busy drafting pleadings, sorting out medical charts, going through corporate minute books, and trying to work on CPLED.

I'm on the Wills and Estates module for CPLED right now. I LOVED wills class, very algorithmic, very logical, like puzzle solving. When I sat down to actually draft a will from scratch, I realized that I never actually had done one before. Took me awhile. This is why it is so good to actually DO all of the Learning Exercises. Now that I've got the one under my belt, in addition to the feedback that I received from my Learning Group Facilitator ("LGF"), the next one should be a lot less painful to crank out.

It seems like CPLED really is organized to help you to be successful, but you do have to do the work.


Jen in LA said...

I saw the link to your blog on SLAW -- I'm a law librarian in the US but interested in Canadian law also. I'm not quite sure what articling is...guess it's something like doing mandatory legal internships. Anyway, good luck, I like your writing, and I love my Aerosoles for comfort and cuteness (I assume they have those in Canada too).


Lisa Hutch said...

Hi Jen!

Articling is exactly that. After we complete our law degrees, we apprentice for a year under seasoned lawyers, complete a bar admission program during that year, and then we get called to the bar and become practicing lawyers.

We DO have Aerosoles in Canada ... I've never owned a pair - must take a look!

Thanks for your nice comments!


Garry J. Wise said...

Lisa, you'd better add SLAW to your blogroll - Simon Fodden's getting testy :) See: http://www.slaw.ca/2010/02/23/blog-by-articling-student/.

All the best. God luck in your articling.

Garry J. Wise

Lisa Hutch said...

OH NO! This is what happens when your blog takes a back-seat to so many other things in your life ... I've offered my apologies on Slaw, and will rectify immediately (well ... as soon as I go home, have supper, put my kid to bed, and boot up my Netbook to work on my CPLED assignment ... sigh ... articling is getting in the way of my blogging ... ahahahaha).

Jen in LA said...

There are similar legal internship requirements for German law students -- I studied over there for a semester when I was in law school.

We have it relatively easy here in California -- three years of law school, 3 months of bar exam prep, and a 3-day bar exam. If you make it through that, well, then you're ready to practice! (<- sarcasm...)

As for Aerosoles, I am wearing these today in black and they are as comfy as slippers...highly recommended! http://www.dsw.com/dsw_shoes/catalog/product.jsp?productRef=SEARCH&category=&prodId=163937


Lisa Hutch said...

Jen - those are super cute, way too cute to be a comfy shoe ... I MUST check out Aerosoles.

I'm also very jealous of the DSW you guys have in the States. I've been to one in Houston and one in Oregon, and I loved both far too much.