Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Addition to My Sidebar

Hopefully anybody that hasn't given up on me as a blogger will notice a new addition to my sidebar.

Under the heading "Law Blogs", I've finally added a link to Slaw.

I have been a reader of Slaw for quite sometime, but with my rampant blog neglect which has been festering for quite some time, I never did get around to updating any of my links.

Hopefully, Simon Fodden realizes that I'm not breaking up with Slaw at all (heh):

Now that I'm on a blog housekeeping roll, I'll have to make sure that all of my links are updated ... I'm pretty sure that some are no longer active. Look for a clean sidebar in the next week or so.

I've always been a fairly goal driven person, and so in addition to my blog housekeeping goal, I also need to get a few more resumes out this week. The sole practitioner that I'm articling with does not hire students back, and so I need to secure a job for September 1st. If anyone knows of an opening in a litigation or IP setting - make sure to leave a comment!

So ... goals for this week look like:
  • blog sidebar clean-up
  • finish CPLED LE
  • send out at least 2 resumes
  • try not to spend TOOOOO much time online shoe shopping for new good ol' trusty shoes that I can blitz around down-town in (sigh, the shoe industry was really not for me for a few years there, but now its' coming back around to styles that I'm coveting ... what is a girl to do?)
  • maintain my new "reformed absentee blogger" status
  • watch as much of the Olympics coverage as I can
That's not bad for this week. With next week bringing the beginning of a new month ... I'll have to come up with some more ambitious goals for then.

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