Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a Happy Wednesday So Far

... ah ... the middle of the week.

I took my goals seriously today, and sent out two resumes this morning. I'm also working on CPLED right now, and rather than thinking about shoes, I'm thinking about cuff-links ... so I guess that's somewhat on track.

I'm wearing my star cuff-links today which were given to me by a friend quite a few years ago. I really don't wear them often enough (I guess, I really only have the one shirt that requires them). Must look into buying more cuff-link-able shirts, and more cuff-links. They're big red stars, which is fittings, as she's from Texas. Sigh. I miss my friends in far away places.

As for the rest of today, I've got stacks of files on my desk that I need to clear away in order to maintain my sanity, and two client meetings. It's a full one. I think I may try and find a lunch date, too, maybe to grab a quick bite of sushi ... hmmmmm.

I'm feeling rather energized, as the spud-let had a really good night last night. So nice. So much sleep. Don't feel like I NEED my coffee, but I will still drink it (because I love it so). Ah coffee - you and I have a long and vividly recorded love affair. I don't think we'll ever leave each other, we just like each other too darn much.

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Jen in LA said...

Hi Lisa,

Oooh, I love talking about shoes. I know, DSW is totally the bomb. I spend way too much whenever I go in there, which was a bad habit to have when I was a law student. :-)

Another shoe recommendation for you -- Liz Claiborne also makes some nice mules. I am wearing some today that are similar to these, but with a bit of a skinnier heel.

Again, they're super comfy, and I can wear some pretty thick trouser socks with them.

Cuff-links...don't know much about them but I can see how they could totally make an outfit.

Can't start the day without coffee! And when I'm in Canada (I play hockey and usually go up there once a year for tournaments) I get coffee and doughnuts from Tim yummy!

Have a great day!